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PIT HUGI 2019 : Meningkatkan Kualitas Hidup Perempuan

Hugi IndonesiaPIT HUGI 2019 : Meningkatkan Kualitas Hidup Perempuan – Setiap orang berhak untuk menjalani hidup dengan kualitas yang baik. Makanan sehat, hidup proporsional, dan yang lebih penting kualitas yang baik dari tubuh mereka. Saat ini, orang jarang peduli tentang kehidupan mereka. Sebagian besar orang berpikir bahwa mereka cukup baik untuk menjalani hari tanpa memperhatikan apa yang sebenarnya terjadi dengan tubuh mereka. Perempuan di Indonesia, tepatnya, berpendidikan tinggi. 99,64% dari populasi wanita muda di Indonesia telah menyelesaikan pendidikan mereka (hingga Pendidikan Sekolah Menengah) berdasarkan data UNESCO.

Sekarang pertanyaannya sangat sederhana: apakah setiap wanita di Indonesia memiliki kehidupan yang berkualitas jika kita melihatnya dari masalah Urogynaecology?

Untuk membantu Perempuan Meningkatkan Kualitas Hidup mereka dan mengurangi jumlah masalah penyakit yang disebabkan oleh segala sesuatu yang terkait dengan disiplin ilmu Urogynaecology, Himpunan Uroginekologi Indonesia atau yang kami sebut HUGI dengan bangga mempersembahkan: Pertemuan Ilmiah Tahunan HUGI 2019 (PIT HUGI 2019) yang akan diselenggarakan pada bulan Februari 2019. Tujuan dari acara ini adalah untuk Meningkatkan Kualitas Kehidupan Perempuan dengan mengimplikasikan disiplin ilmu Urogynaecology.

Acara ini akan memiliki Main Event seperti: Simposium, Workshop dan Seminar, dan juga Bedah Langsung untuk Dokter Spesialis, Dokter, dan Bidan di seluruh dunia. Tidak hanya itu, kami juga akan mengadakan Pra Event untuk melibatkan lebih banyak peserta yang bergabung dalam Main Event. Setelah Main Event diadakan, akan ada juga kegiatan Post Event untuk menutup acara dan juga untuk membangun kesan yang baik untuk semua orang yang bergabung dengan acara HUGI mendatang. PIT HUGI 2019 tidak hanya memfokuskan acara untuk peserta yang terkait dengan Kedokteran saja. HUGI juga membuka peluang yang baik untuk Masyarakat, Perusahaan, Komunitas, atau Organisasi yang benar-benar peduli untuk Meningkatkan Kualitas Kehidupan Perempuan.

Anda dapat membaca lebih lanjut tentang acara di situs web ini. Kami sangat berharap dapat melihat Anda bergabung dalam Acara dengan mendaftarkan diri Anda atau grup Anda juga. Semua pembaruan, informasi, dan apa pun yang terkait akan diumumkan di Situs Web Resmi HUGI dan Media Sosial Resmi HUGI. Apakah Anda siap menjadi penyelamat? Tetap tune dan daftar sekarang.

Event Resume : PI2T HUGI VII HUGI Banjarmasin 2018

Pertemuan Ilmiah Dua Tahunan VII HUGI Banjarmasin 2018 has reach the last day. The event has been held from April 6th with Workshop and April 7th with Live Surgery at RSUD Ulin, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. Symposiums has been opened with a speech from Dr. dr. Poedjoe Hartono, SpOG(K) on Hotel Golden Tulip Banjarmasin April 8th 2018.

5 Sessions were presented on the first day of Symposium, there are:
1st Session : Review Urogynecology
2nd Session : Pelvic Organ Prolapse
3rd Session : Sexual Dysfunction
4th Session : Pelvic Surgery
5th Session : USG & Fistulla

On the second day of Symposium, 4 Sessions were presented, there are:
6th Session : Review Hysterctomy Update
7th Session : Urinary Inscontinence
8th Session : Urogenitalia Tumor and Infection
9th Session : Perineal Trauma

Here is the Photo Gallery of PI2T VII HUGI Banjarmasin 2018

Opening Ceremony

Speech from HUGI Chairman Dr. dr. Budi Iman Santoso, SpOG(K)

Our Special Guest from Taiwan, Prof. Tsia Shu Lo and Dr. Jimmy Nomura, MD, PhD

PI2T VII HUGI Banjarmasin Committee


POGI : A Closer Look to Indonesian Obstetric and Gynaecology Organization

POGI stands for Perkumpulan Obstetri dan Ginekologi Indonesia, an organization formed for Obstetric and Gynaecology in Indonesia. It was formed in Jakarta, July 5th 1954 with the first chairman Prof. Dr. Sarwono Prawirohardjo, SpOG (1954-1963). POGI also signed with Notarial Deed No. 28 dated June 15th 2001.

As a medical organization, POGI keep on their focus on their vision to become the pioneer of fighting reproduction health rights to achieve the optimum health rate in Indonesia. POGI wants to uplift Indonesian health rate and help the government to achieve it with their special disciplines.

For 2015 -2018 period, Dr. dr. Poedjo Hartono, SpOG(K) is the President of POGI with the assistance of dr. Ari K. Januarto, SpOG as the Vice President. POGI has an official website which you can access on According to their website, the Chairman of POGI wishes that the website can be a functional platform for their members.

Anyone who has any circumstances with POGI may contact them by attending their office at Jl. Taman Kimia 10, Central Jakarta, Indonesia. Or you can call them on (+62) 21 3143684 or send them e-Mail to

HUGI Call for Paper

Research is one of essential matters of developing issues. Urogynaecology also need researches in current issues to improve our services as Doctors, Nurses, and Midwives in order to treating patients even better. So many issues happen everyday. New disesases revealed yet we also solving it with an effective cure.

HUGI accomodate the needs of researches as well as we put our focus on Research and Development Department. In PIT HUGI 2019, we will have “HUGI Call for Paper” that can be submitted by any Doctors, Specialist, Nurses, and Midwives. Terms of refferences will be announce as well as the submition of paper is open.

Are you challenge to submit the best Urogynegical Paper? Are you ready to be the best of the year?

Stay tuned for more info


Being healthy is everyone’s right. We can keep our body fit with so many ways. Keep a good look at our food consumption, sleep well, having a good and healthy life, and one other reason should be: Doing Sports. There are so many sports that we can do. We can do sport that needs tools as the media, such as: Basketball, Archery, Badminton, etc. Or a simple sport that we can do with only our body, such as: Running.

What do you need to run? A route that we can set up by ourselves, a nice weather, and maybe a good smile to make our run as happy as our lives. Now a good question is : do you know that running can also improving your quality of life?

HUGI accomodate your basic health needs with a good program called “HUGI Fun Run”. This event will be held between the end of 2018 or at the beginning of 2019. Everyone can join the event: Kids, Adults, Men, Women, Runner, Worker, or anyone! We will do a 5K run together to tell the world that our life can be as good as our smile.

Moreover, it’s not only 5K Fun Run we provide. There will also Health Check Up, Blood Donation, Healthy Bazaar, and some Entertainment program whom we called Healthainment. For runners, you can get a Race Packs. Even if you’re not joining the run, do not worry, you still can join another activities that we have.

Curious enough to join?

Are you ready to be the part of Improving Quality of Life movements?

Stay tuned!

What is Urogynecology?

Urogynecology is a subspecialty within Obstetrics and Gynecology that focuses on disorders of the female pelvic floor such as pelvic organ prolapse (bulging out of the uterus and/or vagina), urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence and constipation. Some common disorders treated by a urogynecologist include:

  1. Incontinence : leaking or loss bladder control
  2. Prolapse : weakening of the pelvic muscles that causes the internal organs to drop down
  3. Emptying disorders : difficulty going to the bathroom
  4. Pelvic Discomfort : pain or burning in the pelvis
  5. Overactive bladder : urge to urinate frequently

Who should visit a urogynecologist? Women who experience disorders of the pelvic region should consult or be referred to a urogynecologist. Urogynaecology is a subspecialty, which means that doctors who are urogynecologist only see these specific disorders and may have more experience in treating them.

Anatomy condition and the primary function of women pelvic usually broken due to some reasons, such as : age, how many times a woman giving birth, injury, or ripped on the pelvic muscle which will effected to  the function and the anatomical shape of the pelvis.

In Indonesia, you can find Urogynecologist in every University Hospital spread out around Indonesia. There also Urogynecologist in big hospital around Jakarta. These facilities were built to improving the quality of women’s life in Indonesia.

Pertemuan Ilmiah Dua Tahunan VII HUGI 2018 – Banjarmasin, Kalimantan Selatan

In this April 7th – 9th, HUGI will held a Biennial Scientific Meetings called “Pertemuan Ilmiah Dua Tahunan VII Himpunan Uroginekologi Indonesia”. The grand theme of this event is “Pengembangan Wawasan Ilmu dan Ketrampilan Uroginekologi dalam Upaya Peningkatan Kualitas Hidup Perempuan Indonesia di era JKN”. PI2T VII HUGI will developing urogynaecologist knowledge and skills towards Improving Women’s Quality of Life on the JKN era.

This even will be held at Golden Tulip Hotel, Banjarmasin, South Borneo, Indonesia. The Pre Event of PI2T VII HUGI will have Rupture Perineum Grade 1 & 2 Workshop at RSUD Ulin, Banjarmasin, South Borneo, Indonesia on April 6th. The next day they will have Rupture Perineum Grade III & IV Workshop and Live Surgery.

The Symposium as the main event will be open with a speech from Dr. dr. Poedjo Hartono, SpOG(K) with an information about Ethical & Professionalism Challenged Indonesia Urogynaecology Reconstructive Surgeries. Following a Plenary Lecture from BPJS Kesehatan, a Health Insurance provide by Indonesian Government.

More than 40 Urogynaecology Specialist perform their speech in this event. Along with 10 Symposium sessions that will reveal what’s new and important in Urogynaecology discipline. Furthermore, we will also hope that everyone will participate in this event, especially those who interested in Urogynaecology discipline.

See you on PI2T VII HUGI Banjarmasin, South Borneo, Indonesia.



PIT HUGI 2019 : Improving Women’s Quality of Life

Hugi IndonesiaPIT HUGI 2019 : Improving Women’s Quality of Life – Everyone has their rights to live the life with a good quality. Healthy food, proportional living, and more importantly a good quality of their body. Nowadays, people rarely concern about their life. Most of people think that they are good enough to live the day without any attention of what’s really going on with their body. Women in Indonesia, to be precise, are well educated. 99,64% of youth women’s population in Indonesia have finished their education (up to High School Education) based on UNESCO data.

Now the question is really simple : are every women in Indonesia has their life qualified if we see it from Urogynaecology problems?

To help Women Improving their Quality of Life and decreasing the number of diseases issues caused by anything related to Urogynaecology disciplines, Himpunan Uroginekologi Indonesia or so we called HUGI proudly present : Pertemuan Ilmiah Tahunan HUGI 2019 (PIT HUGI 2019) which will be held on February 2019. The goal of this event is to Improving Women’s Quality of Life by imply the Urogynaecology disciplines.

This event will have the Main Event such as: Symposium, Workshop and Seminar, and also Live Surgery for Specialist Doctors, Doctors, and Midwives all over the world. Not only that, we will also held the Pre Event to engage more participants joining the Main Event. After the Main Event held, there will also the Post Event activities to close the event and also to build a good impression for everyone joining the upcoming HUGI events. PIT HUGI 2019 not only focusing the Event for any Medical Related participants only. HUGI also open a good opportunities for the Society, Companies, Communities, or Organization who really care about Improving Women’s Quality of Life.

You can read more about the event on this website. We really hope to see you joining the Event by register yourself or your groups as well. All the updates, information, and anything related will be announce on HUGI Official Website and HUGI Official Social Media. Are you ready to become the saviour? Stay tune and sign up now.