Pertemuan Ilmiah Dua Tahunan VII HUGI (PI2T VII HUGI) is a Biennial Scientific Meetings is now happening. Read more about the details.

HUGI held events that related to Urogynaecology Sub-Specialist disciplines which open for any participants. Check out for more events.

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Pertemuan Ilmiah Tahunan HUGI 2019, an Annual Scientific Meetings will be held this 2019. More than 50 speakers will share their knowledge about Urogynaecology. Symposium, Workshops, and Live Surgery are the main point of this event. 

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The Indonesian Uroginekologi Association (HUGI) is an organization formed in 2005, founded by 10 doctors of Uroginekologi Rekonstruksi Consultant Specialist.

ie Junizaf, Ibnu Pranoto, Arifuddin Djuanna, Budi Iman Santoso, Suskhan Djusad, Nadir Chan, Benny Hasan P, Hari Paraton, Bambang Suyono, and MJ Josoprawiro.


Divisi Uroginekologi, Departemen
Obstetri dan Ginekologi, FKUI – RSCM,
Jakarta, Indonesia

(+6221) 392 8741

Contact Person
Arnita : (+62) 856 1447 696

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