POGI stands for Perkumpulan Obstetri dan Ginekologi Indonesia, an organization formed for Obstetric and Gynaecology in Indonesia. It was formed in Jakarta, July 5th 1954 with the first chairman Prof. Dr. Sarwono Prawirohardjo, SpOG (1954-1963). POGI also signed with Notarial Deed No. 28 dated June 15th 2001.

As a medical organization, POGI keep on their focus on their vision to become the pioneer of fighting reproduction health rights to achieve the optimum health rate in Indonesia. POGI wants to uplift Indonesian health rate and help the government to achieve it with their special disciplines.

For 2015 -2018 period, Dr. dr. Poedjo Hartono, SpOG(K) is the President of POGI with the assistance of dr. Ari K. Januarto, SpOG as the Vice President. POGI has an official website which you can access on www.pogi.or.id. According to their website, the Chairman of POGI wishes that the website can be a functional platform for their members.

Anyone who has any circumstances with POGI may contact them by attending their office at Jl. Taman Kimia 10, Central Jakarta, Indonesia. Or you can call them on (+62) 21 3143684 or send them e-Mail to pogi@indo.net.id.