Being healthy is everyone’s right. We can keep our body fit with so many ways. Keep a good look at our food consumption, sleep well, having a good and healthy life, and one other reason should be: Doing Sports. There are so many sports that we can do. We can do sport that needs tools as the media, such as: Basketball, Archery, Badminton, etc. Or a simple sport that we can do with only our body, such as: Running.

What do you need to run? A route that we can set up by ourselves, a nice weather, and maybe a good smile to make our run as happy as our lives. Now a good question is : do you know that running can also improving your quality of life?

HUGI accomodate your basic health needs with a good program called “HUGI Fun Run”. This event will be held between the end of 2018 or at the beginning of 2019. Everyone can join the event: Kids, Adults, Men, Women, Runner, Worker, or anyone! We will do a 5K run together to tell the world that our life can be as good as our smile.

Moreover, it’s not only 5K Fun Run we provide. There will also Health Check Up, Blood Donation, Healthy Bazaar, and some Entertainment program whom we called Healthainment. For runners, you can get a Race Packs. Even if you’re not joining the run, do not worry, you still can join another activities that we have.

Curious enough to join?

Are you ready to be the part of Improving Quality of Life movements?

Stay tuned!