Hugi IndonesiaPIT HUGI 2019 : Improving Women’s Quality of Life – Everyone has their rights to live the life with a good quality. Healthy food, proportional living, and more importantly a good quality of their body. Nowadays, people rarely concern about their life. Most of people think that they are good enough to live the day without any attention of what’s really going on with their body. Women in Indonesia, to be precise, are well educated. 99,64% of youth women’s population in Indonesia have finished their education (up to High School Education) based on UNESCO data.

Now the question is really simple : are every women in Indonesia has their life qualified if we see it from Urogynaecology problems?

To help Women Improving their Quality of Life and decreasing the number of diseases issues caused by anything related to Urogynaecology disciplines, Himpunan Uroginekologi Indonesia or so we called HUGI proudly present : Pertemuan Ilmiah Tahunan HUGI 2019 (PIT HUGI 2019) which will be held on February 2019. The goal of this event is to Improving Women’s Quality of Life by imply the Urogynaecology disciplines.

This event will have the Main Event such as: Symposium, Workshop and Seminar, and also Live Surgery for Specialist Doctors, Doctors, and Midwives all over the world. Not only that, we will also held the Pre Event to engage more participants joining the Main Event. After the Main Event held, there will also the Post Event activities to close the event and also to build a good impression for everyone joining the upcoming HUGI events. PIT HUGI 2019 not only focusing the Event for any Medical Related participants only. HUGI also open a good opportunities for the Society, Companies, Communities, or Organization who really care about Improving Women’s Quality of Life.

You can read more about the event on this website. We really hope to see you joining the Event by register yourself or your groups as well. All the updates, information, and anything related will be announce on HUGI Official Website and HUGI Official Social Media. Are you ready to become the saviour? Stay tune and sign up now.